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GCC Announces 2024 Scholarship Winner

Germantown Community Coalition is excited to announce Angela Zheng is the recipient of it’s 2024 scholarship of $2,000. Zheng is a member of the 2024 graduating class of Germantown High School and plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison this fall. 

During her time at GHS, Zheng was a co-founder of Asian Cultural Exchange (ACE) and served as the organization’s treasurer for two years. She was also an active member of Sexual and Gender Equality (SAGE), and participated in Multi-Ethnic Student Association (MESA). 

“Even though I am just one high school student out of many, I recognize the potential I have to instigate change and influence others. This understanding drives me to take the initiative to make an impact in my community,” Angela shared in her application.

GCC applauds Angela consistently demonstrating a commitment to building a welcoming community whose people are empowered to promote kindness, celebrate diversity, advocate for equity, and lead through growth-minded development.

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